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The Story:

After the events of Project Beach House, Dan and Sarah find themselves kidnapped by five eccentric visionaries, each leading a commune of people who worship outlandish creatures.  All the while, the whereabouts of Dan's father remain a mystery.

Will you be the one to find your father and unite the cults once and for all?

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Development: The Children of the Void

The game is being built one cult at a time. The first update focuses on "The Children of the Void" and their quiet coastal village. Rumors of strange winged creatures and disappearances buzz around the town as the cult's leader Francis becomes more and more reclusive. 


  • Compact open world 
  • Multiple endings
  • Branching story: no two playthroughs are alike
  • Complex dialogue for in-depth roleplay
  • Special variable arrays for an extra layer of depth
  • Deemphasized quests, stronger emphasis on exploration and roleplay

The Verbs:

  • Grab items and add them to Dan's inventory
  • Pick up heavy things
  • Move bodies

  • Get descriptions of objects and people
  • Helps if you can't figure out what to do

  • Open and close doors
  • Use an inventory item
  • Multipurpose, for events that don't quite work with other verbs

  • Deal damage to NPCs and objects
  • Damage varies depending on active weapon and strength 

  • Hide in a place to avoid conflict
  • Stow away an inventory item to avoid it being confiscated

  • Give NPCs items
  • Equip Sarah

  • Use consumable items
  • Bite NPC's and the environment

Some verbs can only be used when certain outfits are equipped. Keep an eye out, as they're extremely powerful!

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