We're talking 2.1.5!

According to the devlog, it's been 99 days since we announced 1.5...

and now its 2.1.5


  • Added claymore charge puzzles
  • Fully implemented Devan's Music/SFX
  • Added new voice lines for verb events
  • Changed backgrounds
  • Made the acrimony chase a little slower
  • Kitty events

Also, we've added the game demo's soundtrack as a free download; for all those people who couldn't get the mix IRL.

So what's next for us in the PBH journey?

You'll just have to wait for 2.5

Also if you want more content, check out Glen's new Vlog series:


PBH2.1.5.zip 179 MB
Feb 08, 2018
PBH2.1.5 DEMO.zip 179 MB
Feb 08, 2018
PBH Demo Soundtrack by Devan Marotta.zip 579 MB
Feb 08, 2018

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