EscapeTheRoomv2 - Room 22

I'd like to thank the community. ETR has had the largest day 1 reception of any game we've made so far.

In celebration, I've added "EscapeTheRoomv2". 

ETRv2 most notable, fixes the crash that occurs in the room "Hangman". This is paired with a few more minor bug fixes, as well as audio adjustments.

Throughout my work on ETR, I've noticed several strange occurrences in the game's performance.

Most notably, that of "Room 22".

You see the engine I used divides levels into literal "Rooms", each identified by a number.

When I finished room 21, I moved onto room 22. When I tried creating room 22, i was greeted with:

There's no room 22 present in the file. I tried accessing it using debug commands, programming cues, and more. All failed.

As dev went on, room22 became more and more troublesome as I'd occasionally get crash reports from room22.

These crash reports were odd.  From my limited knowledge, the engine can only run three things at a time: Room scripts, The global script, and triggered scripts.

Room scripts don't cross over, they're entirely separate. As you can imagine, I was more than puzzled when I got errors like this:

"Unexpected error: 'room22.crm'  Strong Dislike. "

This error occurred after I implemented the sprites for player character in the rainy street level, "Griffon Street". Griffon street is Room 11.

I searched the entire project for the text "Strong Dislike" via cntrl+x to track down the source of the error. The text was not present anywhere. 

This continued, and I had thoughts of abandoning the project. Then I had the idea to change the character's sprites. Maybe the originals were corrupt. The glitch started after I imported the originals after all.

I implemented the new sprites. All I did was change the character's mask from green to purple btw.  I ran the game to see if it worked.

"Unexpected error: 'room22.crm' Correct."

That error appeared ONCE. Only when I ran the game after implementing the new sprites, and when I fixed other "Strong Dislike" bugs.

At this point I tried re-writing room22. It failed because "The file could not be found".

This pattern of "Strong Dislike" and "Correct" persisted throughout development.  Many things were revised, changes I felt were for the better or worse stayed to ensure the game could run.

I uninstalled the engine multiple times, multiple versions. No change. 

I even reformatted my drives including C: at one point, (Not because of the error, because I wanted to clear out space) and it persisted.

This engine isn't exactly renowned for it's stability, so I wrote it off as a glitch until later on.

Until I installed a new drive on my PC that is. 

I was running out of space, so I started salvaging old drives from broken  PC's in my attic.

I installed the drive in my rig, FORMATTED IT (Which deletes all data saved on the drive), and look at what I found:

(Yes, I named the drive Meme, don't judge me)

The last time I used that laptop was when it first broke in 2013. I wasn't even programming at the time.

The files are all dated recently, around the time I started ETR.

This files are completely blocked off. They can't be moved to an accessible location. It says I need admin privileges to access. All attempts to gain access have failed.

I don't know what this means.

Files 88 MB
Jul 08, 2018

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